Drupal vs. Joomla

Posted: March 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

Having just studied about Drupal and how to use and integrate it as a solution to web design and development it brought a curiosity to this subject. Having also heard about Joomla I thought I would do a little research to find some answers. There are many aspects to compare from both of these CMS applications. I will just touch on a few then provide a link to a more thorough article on the subject.
Of course, some of these are opinions and you may need further data to support their findings.
Best CMS for ACL
Drupal is far better for ACL, and also handles high page numbers better.
Best visual CMS
Joomla is the best visual CMS around. Nothing can beat it in the appearance stakes. It’s quicker and easier to get a great-looking site up with Joomla than with almost any other solution.
Best CMS for ease of use
The easiest full-feature CMS for the end-user* (the site owner or webmaster) is Joomla – the admin usability is unbeatable. Drupal is not so good, and becomes much trickier to manage when any kind of ACL is used, as that always obfuscates things to a certain degree.
Most stable CMS
Drupal is the winner here because it scales well and is rock-solid under heavy load. he description ‘most stable CMS’ implies the one that scales best, ie handles large numbers of plugins, high page numbers, and heavy loads best. Joomla is not as stable when heavily extended (lots of plugins).
Best CMS for high traffic
Both Drupal and Joomla handle high traffic well.
Easiest CMS to learn
Joomla wins this one. It’s partly down to the nice admin, and the fact that everything you need is clearly presented in the admin panel.
TCO Drupal vs Joomla
Total Cost of Ownership for both Drupal and Joomla are among the lowest of all mass-market CMS.
Joomla wins out here but if you need ACL and high-load with high page number stability, Drupal is the best choice.

In brief:
Drupal CMS — best ACL, high page numbers, stability.  Not so good on templating, visuals, sysadmin usability.
SEO is good.
Joomla CMS — best on features, media capability, repurposing, templating, visuals, admin usability, ecommerce. Poor ACL and high page number capability.  SEO is very good, and in practice better than Drupal.

Learn more here: http://www.a3webtech.com/index.php/compare-drupal-v-joomla-cms.html






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