Job Shadowing at T&S Web Design

Posted: May 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

Job shadowing is always a great experience because you get to see how other professionals work, what their workflow is, how they relate to others and what their approach is to a concept or design solution. We were able to shadow one of their web developers:  Adam Booth. He was working on their own website redesign. They use wordpress for their CMS and he showed us how he takes the redesigned page templates from Fireworks and splices them to layout their new design. I found it very interesting to see that how you design a page is very important to think about how it will splice apart and to be very careful when selecting colors to keep it consistent throughout your pages. He showed us how he analyzes what to splice and what to code trying to keep file sizes to a minimum.  He prefers using Chrome to check his work and code. He showed us some tools that he uses that can be very helpful. He uses netbeans to write his code in. Some of the other tools are: pipette color picker and imageoptim optimizes images.

Overall it was a great experience looking over the shoulder of a web developer to see their approach to this business called web development. Thanks T& S Web Design and especially a thank you to Adam Booth.

  1. Tim Priebe says:

    We were glad to have you, Terry.

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